Kati C 07/20/2017 *****


Had a wonderful experience breeder is very knowledgeable easy to talk to. Cats a big beautiful and healthy very sweet quality rags


Rebecca C. 05/04/2018 *****

 Authentic RAGDOLLS !
This has been an extremely pleasurable experience from the start! I was looking for a cattery that knew its stuff and Kathleen Definitely puts pride in her cats! She let and encouraged my family to met mom’s and dad to make sure this is the breed we wanted and to answer any questions we had. She educated us more on the breed that we didn’t know. I needed a cat that was going to be Specifically for my child with autism and she helped us find one out of the bunch that would be perfect for him. She takes the time to socialize them with handling at such a small age, So they’ll be a custom to their new people and homes. She even wanted us to bring a unwashed shirt of my sons so the kitten got used to him smell! I love the family atmosphere there would be no other Cattery I’d ever go to get a ragdoll then here!!


Pam C. 06/24/2018 *****

We have just recently put a deposit down on one of Kathleen’s beautiful rag doll kittens to claim him as our own. Working with Kathleen (the owner) has been such a joy. She is a lovely, kind woman who clearly holds the Ragdoll breed near and dear to her heart. She was very quick to respond to our initial inquiry and equally quick to invite us to come to her home and meet all of her beautiful cats and kittens. Upon arrival we were welcomed warmly into her home which, by the way, is clean, comfortable and beautiful. The cats and babies are treated like kings and queens! All were very social and curious, allowing us to interact freely to our hearts content. Kathleen’s home is very open and airy which gives all of her pets a lot of room to move. She has a few doggy friends too and all of the animals live together in fun, active harmony! Kathleen is very knowledgeable, answering all of our questions, big and small. Her cats are all certified and healthy which is of utmost importance when choosing a new pet. Kathleen has kept a line of communication open with me from the getgo - sending me pictures (and videos) as the kitties mature, and also pictures of my new baby’s parents. We are encouraged to come and visit frequently while our little guy is growing. We just can’t wait until he is old enough to take home! I can’t say enough about our experience - if you are interested in this beautiful breed, please don’t hesitate to contact Kathleen - you will not be disappointed!


Anne S 07/09/2018 *****

So nice to visit this cattery in Waddell. Kat (owner) offers a nice assortment of Rag Doll babies, and has been so wonderful and knowledgeable with assisting me in my adopting one of her kits. I would highly recommend this cattery and breed to anyone desiring a lovely family pet! 


Carrie L 07/08/2018 *****

 We have been very pleased with Kathleen, and are so excited to bring home our baby boy in Aug. 2018. She truly loves what she does, and it shows! The cats are very happy, and in a fun, safe, clean home! We couldn't have asked for more, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Ragdoll! 


Wen Y 01/21/2019 *****

 My husband and I have been to 4-5 breeders’ houses before we decided on getting a baby from AZ House of Rags. Kathleen breeds ragdolls with love. She has a beautiful house and all the animals live happily together. I am so so so happy with the ragdoll baby I purchased from Kathleen. The kitten is very healthy, well socialized and abusolutely loving. I would get another kitten from her again if I don’t already have 4 cats at home. ;) 


Ashley P 01/11/2019 *****

 Kathleen is wonderful! She breeds the most loving, sweet, playful cats and helped us pick our perfect kitten. Our new girl, Chiyo, is everything I ever wanted in a ragdoll! Cannot recommend this breeder enough! 

Nikki O 12/19/2018 *****

 This is the first time we have ever purchased a pet from a breeder and we have had a wonderful experience with Kathi with AZ House of Rags. She has been incredibly accommodating to our schedule for visits with our kitten and sends photos whenever she can. We travel to her home weekly and she is always pleasant and answers all of the questions we have with ease. We are so excited to take our kitten home next month and would definitely recommend her to others looking for a professional and helpful breeder in the future. Her home is spacious, beautiful, and clean! The kittens are well taken care of, happy, and get along great with her other animals. Thank you Kathi! 

Candy Y 02/01/2019 *****

 Highly recommend AZ House of Rags. We got our kitten early January. He is so sweet and adorable. My husband and I visited 4 different breeders in Arizona and decided on buying from Kathleen. She raises these cats with care and love. All the cats are well socialized by the time they are ready for the new homes. If you are looking for a ragdoll, you need to contact Kathleen. 


Streetmedic 01/03/2019 *****

 This could possibly be the  best Rag breeder in the west....if not the country!! These little fuzz balls are happy and healthy, when they get on the move they are like kids on the first day of summer. Without a doubt Kathy shows a true love and almost Zen-like connection and care for her Rags. House of Rags is the go to breeder for honest pure bred and registered kittens. 



Barbara and Frank O 01/03/2019 *****

Having rescued five cats (me) and ten (Frank) over our respective adult live, we decided to pick what we wanted this time.  Our choice was a Ragdoll; we reseached and found Arizona's House of Rags and Kathleen Nickeson on the web.  We reached out and she responded, where upon we made our first visit to her "facility".  Making use of a breeder was a new and scary proposition for us, we should'nt have worried. Her home in Waddell is open, airy, and clean-very pleasant to visit. Choosing a favorite from all the white fluffy adorables was hard but we did it and will be picking up our new baby on Jan. 11.